Ph.D Ethnomusicology (York): Zen Buddhism and Improvisation
Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (York): Japanese Aesthetics
M.A Ethnomusicology (University of Alberta): Japanese Music
Performance Diploma (Grant MacEwan University): Jazz Saxophone
Bachelor’s Degree (University of Saskatchewan): Music Education


The Edward Saïd National Conservatory of Music: Jerusalem/Ramallah
York University
Grant MacEwan University
Medicine Hat College
Amagasaki Inazono High School (JPN)
Itami City Technical High School (JPN)
Professional Tutor in Japanese/Vietnamese/English Language
Professional Tutor for Canadian Citizenship Exam 


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Quarter Tone Charts for Saxophone (Two Octaves) © 2003 
University of Alberta Middle Eastern/N. African Music Ensemble.
Berklee College World Music Ensemble.

Multiphonics Chart for Saxophone © 1996 


Canadian Centre For Ethnomusicology
Canadian Society for Traditional Music National Conference
Society of Ethnomusicology (Niagara)
Leeds International Jazz Conference (UK)
University Consortium on the Global South (York University)
Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium
Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center
Alberta Genealogical Society
Seoul Jazz Academy (Jongro-ku)
Icelandic Musician’s Union College (Reykjavik)
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center For The Arts
Morton-James Public Library (Nebraska City)
Global Partners Institute
Iga-Ueno Summer Intensive English Program (JPN)
AP/SOSC 1000: Introduction to Social Science. York University.
AP/JP 2700: Contemporary Japanese Culture and Society: York.
FA/MUSI 4051: Jazz Workshop III, York.
FA/MUSI 4032: Contemporary Improvisation, York.
EDUC 5465: Cultural Studies in Education and Society, York.
JAPAN 599: Pre-Modern & Modern Japanese Literature, University of Alberta.


Berlitz Japanese Language Certificate (Level 7: Advanced)
JLPT Level 4 Japanese Certificate (Government of Japan)


DHARMA NOISE: Parergonality In Zen Buddhism And Non-Idiomatic Improvisation (York University, 2013). 

Philosophical/theoretical exploration of practical approaches to the study of “free” (non-idiomatic) improvisation in relation to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Zen Buddhist doctrine and aesthetics – with emphasis on First Wave free improvisation of saxophonist Ornette Coleman and his contemporaries. 


w/Ornette Coleman: Harmolodic Theory
Pulitzer Prize for Music (2007)
Grammy™ LifeTime Achievement Award (2007)
Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize (2004)
MacArthur Genius Grant (1994)

w/Dr. Ali J. Racy: Arabian naï flute
w/Sri Kadri Gopalnath: Karnatak konnokol
w/Sri Trichy Sankaran: Karnatak konnokol
w/Dr. Scott Marcus: naï
w/Prof. Casey Sokol: non-idiomatic improvisation theory
w/Shozo Shimamoto: aesthetics/performance
w/Yasuo Sumi: aesthetics/performance

SOLO ARTIST (Interdisciplinary)

Artist-In-Residence: Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for The Arts (Nebraska: 2013).


Canada, USA, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Palestine, Viet Nam, Japan, China, South Korea, North Ireland, and Hungary, including:

Shōzō Shimamoto Gallery (Takarazuka, Japan), NPR Music Online (USA), TEDxYorku, the Brooklyn Center for Performance Research, Chelsea Art Museum (New York), The Goldfarb Center for Fine Arts Special Projects Gallery (Toronto), Theocharakis Foundation Hall (Athens, Greece), the Museum of the Moving Image (New York), Jan Hus Presbyterian Church (NYC), Michael C. Rockefeller Gallery (SUNY: Fredonia), Kimmel Harding Nelson Center For The Arts (Nebraska), Thelma Schnitzer Hall (University of Oregon), Classical FM Online (UK). The Hutchins Gallery of Long Island University, KyoRyuKan Performance Hall (Kyoto, Japan), Toronto New Music Marathon, the Martin Mullens Gallery (SUNY: Oneonta), Shin Nishinomiya Harbour Yacht Club (Japan), Seton Art Gallery of the University of New Haven, JAPIS (Reykjavik), BEAKERHead Art + Technology Exhibition (Calgary), Gund Gallery of Kenyon College (Ohio), Mikhail Zakin Gallery (N.J), Sinfini Music.com (Ears Have Eyes Gallery), The Toronto Asian Heritage Festival, Latitude 53 VisualEYEZ Festival (Edmonton), Japanese Canadian Cultural Center of Toronto, Bell LightBox Theatre (Toronto), Toronto Center For The Arts, Slide Room Gallery (Victoria), the Central Canadian Center For Performance (Winnipeg), EPCOR Center For The Arts (Papergirl Exhibit: Calgary), Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery (Long Island), Edmonton Art Gallery, PARALLAX Records Kyoto (Japan), Heliconian Hall (Toronto), 东岸 : East Shore Jazz Cafe (Beijing, China), 물 콕 : Watercock Club (Seoul, Korea), and クラブホタル: Club Firefly (Osaka, Japan), the Staples Family Concert Hall (Central Michigan University), Gallery MC (NYC), MOBIUS (Cambridge), Phoenix Cafe (Bristol, UK), PS2 Project Space (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Esplanade Arts & Heritage Center, MÜSZI Cultural Space (Budapest), Cafe Talulah (NYC), and the Edwardian Cloakroom Gallery (Bristol, UK).


Medicine Hat News
Sociopolitical Columnist
2021 – present

Canadian Musician magazine
Woodwind Columnist
2005 – 2020

Film and Video Arts Alberta Quarterly


Angelique Kidjo (Grammy™)
Colin Hay (Men At Work: Grammy™)
Will Calhoun (Mick Jagger/B.B. King: Grammy™)
Rod Stewart (Grammy™)
Orlando “Maraca” Valle (Grammy™)
Bryan Vargas & ¡Ya Està! 
Bernie Worrell (Parliament: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)
Dave Samuels (Spyro Gyra/Frank Zappa: Grammy™)
Doug Wimbish (Rolling Stones/Depeche Mode: Grammy™ )
Slide Hampton (Grammy™)
Leela Gilday (JUNO Award)
P.J Perry (JUNO)
Tommy Banks (Order of Canada, JUNO)
Teppei Kamei (JUNO)
Alfie Zappacosta (American Music Award, JUNO)
Bobby Curtola (Order of Canada, JUNO)
Jens Lindemann (Order of Canada)
Mike Rud (JUNO)
Hugh Fraser (JUNO)
Myron Floren (The Lawrence Welk Show)
Pat LaBarbera (JUNO)
Ron Westray (Bob Dylan/Ray Charles/Stevie Wonder)
Ryan Davidson (Canadian Country Music Award)
Jaymz Bee (radio personality: singer)
Shaykh Mohammad El-Hilbay (Sufi singer) 
Eyvind Kang (John Zorn/Bill Frissell)
Matt Brubeck (Tom Waits/Tracy Chapman: JUNO)
Robbie Botos (Branford Marsalis/Chaka Khan/Michael Brecker)
Naser Musa (Youssou N’Dour, Beyonce)
Simon Shaheen (Sting, Bill Laswell),
Edgar Nkosi White  (playwright) 
John Giorno (Beat poet)
The Ikuta Shrine Gagaku Orchestra
Donna Presley (cousin of Elvis)
Yamantaka EYƎ (Boredoms).
Ayumi Hamasaki (J-pop)
SHUMKA (Ukrainian Dance Troupe)
Katsura Mouri (BusRatch)
Shozo Shimamoto (GUTAI Art Collective)
William Sperandei (Ellis Marsalis/Harry Connick Jr.)
Jeff Burke (Sun Ra Arkestra)
Barry Romberg (Lee Konitz/Joe Henderson: JUNO)
Barry Elmes (Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Haden/Diana Krall)
Jack Vorvis (Michael Snow/CCMC)
Archie Alleyne (Order of Canada: Billy Holiday/Lester Young)
John Oswald (Governor General’s Award: Plunderphonics)
Nobuo Kubota (Royal Canadian Academy of Arts)


Staring At The Empire (Independent: 2011)
Tales From The Samurai Laundry (Independent: 2010)
The Day I Became The Sea (Independent: 2009)
私のダニエルは名前です… (Independent: 2000)
Hymns To Mitochondrial Eve (Independent: 1999)
Brimstone And Clover (Dale LaDouceur: 2003)
Udumbara (Dean Baltesson: 2000)
Aphrodite’s Tears (The Moving Bears: 1997)
INTO (Dean Baltesson: 1998)