Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive from visitors to the site. 

What is a forensic ethnomusicologist?

Ethnomusicology is the study of how music plays a part in a particular society or culture: what music means: how composers, improvisers, performers and audiences create and convey that meaning. Thus, a forensic ethnomusicologist applies their research to the law: producing facts about music that are applicable as evidence in court cases over copyright, cultural appropriation, interpretation of cultural policy, case selection criteria, and so on. My specialty is Japanese intangible cultural heritage.


はい、日本語を話すことができます… 大好きです! 私はトナム語とドイツ語も話すことができます。大阪弁を話すことを本当に楽しんでいます。

Which companies and products do you use?

Yamaha saxophones, La Voz reeds, Pearl drums, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, LP percussion, Vic Firth drum sticks, Gibraltar  hardware, Tama bass drum pedals, Boss electronics, and Sennheiser microphones. 

What was it like to study with Ornette Coleman?

A lot of hard work, as well as a lot of fun. The lessons were very casual and we improvised a lot of music together. But what he taught me required much private study and practice in order to apply his lessons to my own improvising and composing. 

What was it like to be mentored by Shozo Shimamoto?

He was an incredibly inspiring and jovial person, who didn’t “teach” people as much as set an amazing example of how to teach, create, organize, promote, and philosophize about creativity. Thus, his mentoring was participation; his creative circle were serious artists all working with him and each other, with the goal of widely disseminating his ideals and creative principles.

What are Graphic Scores?

Graphic scores are musical compositions written down in new and creative ways. This means a musical score can use a mix of traditional notation, symbols, shapes and colours, or consist entirely of symbols, colours and/or shapes. To see one of my scores click here

What is Suizen?

Suizen is an ancient Chinese Buddhist practice of playing the flute as a means of gaining spiritual enlightenment; practicing and/or performing in a meditative, deeply contemplative way. For more on the practice, click here.