Canada defeated Brazil in a penalty shootout to advance to the Olympic Women’s Soccer semifinals!! We are not exactly a nation known for soccer, so for our women to step up and play for a medal yet again is a fantastic achievement.

Unfortunately for Brazil, this is not the first time they’ve lost to us. In 2016 at the Rio Olympics Canada beat Brazil to win the bronze medal… even though Brazil’s team (then and now) included the legendary Marta (full name: Marta Vieira da Silva), possibly the best female soccer player of all time. To move past a team containing Marta is a sure sign Canada’s soccer programs are developing players of the highest quality.

Next up we will be playing the USA in a sequel to the 2012 Olympics in London where Canadian Christine Sinclair scored a hat-trick (3 goals) but we still lost 4 – 3, thanks to a controversial decision by the referee (who called a foul for what she thought was a delay of the game through time wasting). Many on the Canadian team thought they were robbed of a medal via that call, so this upcoming match between Canada and the Americans is going to be a chance for us to get a little revenge.

Sinclair, by the way, is the world’s all-time leader for international goals scored by a woman (or man) with 187 (!). She is also the second footballer of either sex to score at five World Cup editions, preceded by the mighty Marta herself. So congratulations to our great Canadian women for another great accomplishment in sports!

We have had many great heroes. Now look at this new wave of great Canadian she-roes!!…

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