More Canadian and (Ukrainian) Success!

The other day Canada won its first ever Olympic medal in women’s judo, a bronze awarded to world champion Jessica Klimkait in the under-57-kilogram division. And if that wasn’t enough 24 hours later now Canada’s Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard too has won a bronze medal in the women’s under-63-kilogram division!! Two historic Olympic medals in the same sport in 24 hours… Canadian women just keep on rising to the top!

We have been competing in judo for years, and the Russians and Japanese have been the dominant competitors for decades. They are absolutely brilliant at this sport, so to rank near them or become an Olympic medalist is a huge deal.


And while we are at it, what a great day for Daria Bilodid as she won the Ukraine’s first women’s judo medal (bronze) after the country became independent. She attacked aggressively using her ground fighting techniques and achieved a great result for their national judo team. Then, Ukraine’s Anzhelika Terliuga went on to win silver in women’s karate (55kg division of karate, so another great job by Ukrainian women too!

Великий день для України!

Congratulations, Daria!!

6 thoughts on “More Canadian and (Ukrainian) Success!

  1. Hi, thanks for the Ukraine shoutout. I’m not from Ukraine, though I have ancestry there. Haven’t been following the Olympics…however, I have recently discovered that in the country of Ukraine there appears to be an anecdotally high level of interest in jazz and the saxophone in particular.

    1. There are some killer Ukrainian musicians out there. They just don’t get the visibility like other countries. But that works in their favour, as they’re developing their own scene which produces jazz and rock like no one else. Kyiv (Kiev) is where it’s at!

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