Hooray For Canadian Women!

The other day Canada won its first ever Olympic medal in women’s judo, a bronze awarded to world champion Jessica Klimkait in the under-57-kilogram division. Though she lost a semifinal which would have given her the chance to go for gold, she rose to the occasion, and won the bronze medal match by receiving a half-point (waza-ari) in “golden score”, a period of extra time where the first point(s) awarded wins the match.

Judo is a tough sport and though it may look easy at times it is really hard to do well, thus Klimkait’s victory is a major feather in the historical cap of Canada’s national judo program. World champ and now Olympic medalist? Canadian women just keep on setting the pace!


And if that wasn’t enough 24 hours later Canada’s Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard too has won a bronze medal in the women’s under-63-kilogram division!! Two historic Olympic medals int he same sport in 24 hours… Canadian women just keep on rising to the top!


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