In Praise of Mi Goreng Noodles!

You probably don’t know who Nunuk Nuraini (1962 -2021) was. A Muslim woman from Indonesia, Nuraini will be mourned and greatly missed by noodle lovers all over the world, as she is the inventor of the greatest instant noodle pack of all time: Indonesian “mi goreng” flavoured noodles.

A flavour development manager at the Indomie company, Nuraini’s various mi goreng packs are incredibly delicious and decidedly different. Unlike the usual ramen style noodles, mi goreng noodles are designed to be eaten without the broth, rather with a mi goreng base (fried challot seasoning, chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, palm oil) and the featured flavour: BBQ chicken, fried noodle, hot and spicy, and so on.

Indomie brand mi goreng (BBQ chicken flavour) noodles are the best instant noodles in the world, case closed! You can’t believe how amazing they taste (especially if you mix in a little margarine too), even though instant noodles in general are considered a cheap, low quality snack eaten by college students. Indomie mi goreng noodles are the Rolls Royce of instant noodles, and even better, they are as cheap price-wise (if not cheaper) than the more famous Japanese and Korean brands. It is the combination of the sweet chili and shallot as seasoning base that really lifts whatever flavour is mixed in. You MUST track them down and try the fired noodle or BBQ chicken flavored packs for yourself. You haven’t really lived until you try them, they’re THAT good! Thank you Nunuk Nuraini for making the world a much happier place, one plate of mi goreng at a time.

(If you live in Canada, various flavours of Indomie Mi Goreng noodles can be easily found at The Real Canadian Superstore…). 



2 thoughts on “In Praise of Mi Goreng Noodles!

  1. That is incredible! We have got here in Ukraine a similar all lovely product called Ktchen Soup Mivina. It has BBQ chicken flavour + noodles (my son loves it dry). Thank you Nunuk Nuraini!

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