The Twilight Zone Quiz: Part Two


Twilight Zone Quiz: Part Two

(for more information, see Part One)

87). In “A Piano in the House”, where does Fitzgerald Fortune buy the enchanted piano? Throckmorton’s Curio Shop. The actor who played Fortune (Barry Morse) appeared in what 1970s sci-fi TV show? Space:1999. Which lead character in Space: 1999 also appeared in several Twilight Zone episodes, and eventually became a legendary film actor? Martin Landau.

88). In “The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank”, what unnatural act does Myrtlebank commit? He returns to life at his own funeral. What legendary movie actor appears as a background extra in this episode? Alan Alda.

89). In “To Serve Man”, what is the name of the alien culture? Kanamites. What 7 foot tall actor from the episode also played a villain in a James Bond film? Richard Kiel. What plot twist from the episode has become an iconic pop culture reference? The technical manual on how to be of service to Mankind is actual a cookbook on how to prepare and serve humans as food.

90). In “The Fugitive”, who does the elderly man (“Old Ben”) turn out to be? An alien king. How long is his reign? 5000 years.

91). In “Little Girl Lost”, where is the girl lost? In a parallel dimension. What is the girl’s name? Tina.

92). In “Person or Persons Unknown”, what does Dr. Koslenko tell Gurney when he arrives at the insane asylum? That “David Gurney” doesn’t exist. Who is it that actually doesn’t exist? The person he thought was his wife.

93). In “The Little People”, how does space explorer Peter Craig learn to communicate with the tiny people? Through mathematics. How does Craig crush the city of the tiny people? With the head of a statue dedicated to him. What does Craig yell at the giant alien explorers before they unintentionally crush him? “I am the god, don’t you understand? I am the god!”

94). In “Four O’Clock”, how does paranoid shut-in Crangle plan to deal with all the (supposedly) evil people? By shrinking them to two feet tall. What is the one word Crangle’s parrot keeps calling out? “Nut!”

95). In “Hocus-Pocus and Frisby”, why do the aliens kidnap Frisby? They overhear him lying about having eight doctoral degrees. What musical instrument terrifies the aliens? A harmonica.

96). In “The Trade-Ins”, which of the married couple want to trade in their body? The husband. How long does he have before the procedure is irreversible? One week.

97). In “The Gift”, what is the gift that the alien gives the little Mexican boy? A vaccine against cancer. What is the boy’s name? Pedro.

98). In “The Dummy”, what is the dummy’s name? Willie. The actor who played the ventriloquist’s agent was a Sergeant on which well-known 60s TV show? Gomer Pyle. Who was the actor and what was his character’s name? Frank Sutton/Sgt. Vince Carter.

99). In “Young Man’s Fancy”, what happens to Alex Walker as he spends more and more time in his deceased mother’s house? He becomes a boy again. Sfter meeting and re-bonding with his ghostly mother, what does he eventually tell his wife? “Go away lady – we don’t need you any more.”

100). The episode “I Sing The Body Electric” was originally a script for The Twilight Zone before it became a short story by which iconic sci-fi writer? Ray Bradbury. What is the name of the family’s new domestic robot? “Grandma.” Whoch family member does not bond with Grandma? The oldest daughter.

101). In “Cavender is Coming”, which famous 1970s comedic television actress plays clumsy Ms. Agnes Grep ? Carol Burnett. What department of Heaven does Cavender work for? 3rd Celestial Division Angel Placement.

102). In “The Changing of the Guard”, what subject does Professor Fowler teach at the prep school? English. Who is the statue an image of? American educational reformer Horace Mann.

103). The first episode of the fourth season (“In His Image”) was the first in the series that was what? An hour long. What is the result of the final fight between Walter and his doppelganger android Alan? Walter secretly takes Alan’s place in life and convinces Alan’s fiancé that everything has gone back to normal.

104). What 1980s Marvel hero actor appears in “The Thirty-Fathom Grave”? Bill Bixby. What was the 1980s show? The Incredible Hulk. What island did the submarine sink near? Guadalcanal.

105). In “Valley of the Shadow”, where is the small town Redfield gets held captive by aliens? Peaceful Valley, New Mexico. Why is he eventually allowed to leave town? Because his memory of the previous days has been erased.

106). What soon-to-be legendary actor appears in “He’s Alive” as a young white supremacist named Vollmer? Dennis Hopper. Who teaches Vollmer how to enthrall a crowd? An undercover Adolph Hitler.

107). In “Mute”, why is Ilse considered mute? Because she was raised to only communicate telepathically as part of a secret experiement. Why does Ilse cry at the end of the episode? Telepathy has become confusing mental white noise to her.

108). What is the designation of the space ship in “Death Ship”? E-89. What year is the episode set in? 1997. The spaceship used in the episode is a left over from what 1950s sci-fi movie? The Forbidden Planet.

109). The writer of Episode 107 (“Jess-Belle”) also wrote and directed what 1970s western family show? The Waltons. What other Twilight Zone episode did Anne Francis star in, other than this one? “The After Hours.”

110). What iconic movie actor plays a person obsessed with a museum dollhouse in “Miniature”? Robert Duvall. What is he looking through at the end of the episode? A stereoscope.

111). In ‘Printer’s Devil”, what is the name of the newspaper? The Courier. Which paper is putting The Courier out of business? The Gazette.

112). In “No Time Like The Past”, what is the subject of the conversation around the dinner table that infuriates Paul? American imperialism. What happens when Paul travels back in time and tries to stop the schoolhouse fire? He discovers he is the one who causes it by trying to stop it from occurring.

113). In “The Parallel”, Major Gaines has what rank when he returns to Earth? Colonel. Who is the first person to recognize Gaines is not the same person as before. His daughter.

114). Character actor Howard Morris appears as George Hanley in the episode entitled “I Dream of Genie”. What character did he play in a legendary TV skit with Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar? “Uncle Goopy” (in “This is Your Life” on Your Show of Shows). What was the name of Hanley’s dog? Attila.

115). In “The New Exhibit”, wax figure attendant Senescu is played by which famous character actor? Martin Balsam. What movie role was Balsam most notable for playing? Detective Arbogast in Pyscho.

116). In “Of Late I Think of Cliffordville”, who does Miss Devlin turn out to be? The Devil. Who played Miss Devlin and what role is she famous for? Julie Newmar, Catwoman on the 60s TV series Batman.

117). In “The Incredible World of Horace Ford”, what toy is Ford designing at the beginning of the episode? A robot. What childhood friend does Ford start seeing over and over? Hermie.

118). In “On Thursday We Leave For Home”, what planet was the human colony built on? V9-Gammayear. When was the colony built? 1991. Who is its leader? Captain Benteen. The rescue ship and its crew’s uniforms were leftover items from what famous 50s sci-fi film? The Forbidden Planet.

119). In “Passage on the Lady Anne”, what is the ship is revealed to be? A transport for the elderly from Life into the Afterlife.

120). What iconic TV and movie actor appears in “The Bard” as a pretentious Marlon Brando-esque actor? Burt Reynolds. What is the episode a satire of? The contemporary American television industry of which The Twlight Zone was a part of.

121). In “In Praise of Pip” stars actor Jack Klugman. What famous 70s television was Klugman the lead actor in? Quincy, M.E.

122). In “Steel”, what well know action star plays washed up ex-boxer/manager Steel Kelly? Lee Marvin. What is the name of Kelly’s obsolete boxing robot? Battling Maxo. What comedic western is Marvin most notable for starring in? Cat Ballou.

123). Which iconic Twilight Zone episode stars William Shatner? “Nightmare at 20, 000 Feet.” What The Simpsons Halloween skit shares the same plot? “Terror at 5 ½ Feet,” involving Bart Simpson and his school bus.

124). In “A Kind of Stopwatch”, what is the lead character’s name? McNulty. Where does he break the watch, and what is he doing at the time? He breaks it in a bank while robbing it.

125). In “The Last Night As A Jockey”, who does disgraced jockey Grady ask for one wish from? His alter ego. What goes wrong? As requested Grady is made taller, but then cannot ride as a jockey when he is suddenly given the opportunity to race again. What famous actor plays Grady? Mickey Rooney.

126). In “Living Doll”, what is the name of the creepy doll? Talky Tina. What famous actor played the part of the father? Telly Savalas. What famous 1970s television detective did Savalas go on to play? Kojak.

127). In “The Old Man in the Cave”, who is the Old Man? A pre-apocalyptic computer. What was the Old Man’s main job? To tell the townsfolk which contained foods and liquids were safe to consume. Along with fellow Twilight Zone actors Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin, the Hollywood actor (who played a military commander in the episode) was known for playing “tough guys”. Who was he? James Coburn.

128). In “Uncle Simon”, what does Barbara’s uncle invent? A robot. The head of the robot repurposed from the prototype of what classic sci-fi character? Robby The Robot, from the film The Forbidden Planet.

129). In “Probe 7, Over and Out”, why is Adam Cook permanently stranded on the alien planet? His spaceship is badly damaged and Earth has destroyed itself in a nuclear war. Why is Eve Norda stranded on the planet? Her home planet was destroyed by leaving its orbit. Why does Eve scratch Adam’s face? She mistakenly feels threatened when Adam picks up a stick.

130). In “The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms”, what are the National Guardsmen doing when they travel back in time to Little Bighorn? Driving a tank in local war games. Why do they first suspect something is strange about their settings? They hear Custer’s battle. How does the National Guard locate the missing soldiers? They find the abandoned tank, and the names of the soldiers on Custer’s national monument.

131). In “A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain”, what goes wrong with Raymond’s youth serum? It turns his brother into a baby. What poetic justice is inadvertently served in the process? By the time Raymond grows up, his young and selfish gold digging wife will be old.

132). In “Ninety Years Without Slumbering”, what will happen to Forstmann if the grandfather clock stops ticking? He will die. How does he cheat death? He stops believing in the clock’s power. In what other Twilight Zone episode did actor Ed Wynn appear as an old man attempting to avoid dying? “One For The Angels”. What episode was it? Number two.

133). In “Ring-a-Ding Girl”, what is the name of the movie actress? Bunny. How does she save her sister and many of the townsfolk? By putting on a show that the townsfolk attend instead of going to an annual picnic where a plane crashes. What is the plot twist at the end? Bunny had appeared supernaturally to her sister and the townsfolk, as she herself was on the plane and died in the crash.

134). In “You Drive”, what kind of car does Oliver Pope drive? A 1956 Ford Fairlane. Why does Pope eventually confess to the hit-and-run? The car has become alive and harasses him into confessing to the police.

135). In The Long Morrow”, how long will Stansfield be in suspended animation on his space voyage? 40 years. How old is he when he departs and then returns? 31 and 71. Due to scientific advances on Earth while Stansfield is gone, how old is Sandra when he leaves and returns? 26.

136). Actor Don Gordon appears in both “The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross” and “the Four of Us Are Dying”, both episodes about a man who can do what? Magically alter his appearance and/or circumstances. Gordon also appeared on what other 60s television show similar to The Twilight Zone? The Outer Limits. In one such episode Gordon plays a disillusioned physicist who does what menial job? “Pilots” a spaceship ride at an amusement park.

137). In “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”, actress Collin Wilcox plays Marilyn, young girl who doesn’t want to go through with governmentally enforced physically and neurological alteration. What is the process called? “The Transformation”. What “model” of altered human is Marilyn afterwards? Number 8.What famous movie role had Wilcox played two years earlier? The plaintiff in To Kill A Mockingbird. What legendary actor and fellow Twilight Zone alumnus made his movie debut in To Kill A Mockingbird? Robert Duvall.

138). In “Black Leather Jackets,” what logo is on the back of the jackets? A black “triple diamond” pattern enclosed in a white circle. What are the biker’s names? Scott, Steve, and Fred. Actor Mike Forest (“Steve”) appeared as which god in the Star Trek episode “Who Mourns for Adonis?” Apollo. Which biker falls in love with Ellen? Scott. What is Scott? An advance scout of an alien invasion force.

139). In what American state does the old lady live in “Night Call”? Maine. Where are the mysterious phone calls coming from? Her long deceased fiancé’s grave (via a downed telephone cable). What is the fiancé’s name? Brian.

140). In “From Agnes – With Love”, what is sentient computer Agne’s official machine name? Mark 502-741. What is Walter using Agnes for? To solve computational problems for Cape Kennedy. Who is Walter’s co-worker that Agnes is jealous of? Millie.

141). In “Spur of the Moment”, what is the woman in black attempting to do? Warn Anne about marrying the wrong man. Whois the woman in black? A future version of the woman in white who is trying to warn her about her upcoming marriage. What does she try and warn Anne about? Eloping with David, rather than marrying Robert.

142). The episode entitled “An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge” is the only Twilight Zone episode that was what? A short film made in France. What major prize did it win? Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film (1963).

143). What does episode title “Queen of the Nile”, refer to? The silent movie that unnaturally youthful movie star Pamela Morris first starred in. How does Morris drain her victims of their life force? Using a magic scarab beetle. What is Morris’ real identity? Cleopatra.

144). In “What’s in the Box”, what is Joe Britt’s occupation? Cab driver. What channel shows Britt the past, present, and future? Channel 10. Why did co-star Rose Blondell have a 1932 promotional picture of herself banned under the Motion Picture Production Code? It showed her semi-nude, tastefully positioned behind the back of a chair.

145). In the famous episode “The Masks”, what plot twist occurs at the end? The masks all have worn have permanently altered their faces into ugly visages as punishment for their character flaws (narcissism, cowardice, etc.). Who does Jason say the masks were made by? An old Cajun.

146). In “I Am The Night – Color Me Black”, what supernatural event occurs in the village before the hanging? The sun doesn’t rise at dawn. The sun has also not risen over North Vietnam and the Berlin Wall: why is this. Because they are (like the village) places of hate.

147). In “Sounds and Silences” what kind of business does Flemington own? A model ship company. What annoying activity does Flemington engage in? Listening to military battles (loudly) on his record player.

148). The same dummy that was used in “The Dummy” appears in “Caesar and Me”. Name both dummy characters: Willie and Caesar. What are Caesar’s two supernatural powers? The ability to speak, and the power of suggestion.

149). The episode “The Jeopardy Room” is one of only four episodes that does not feature what? Supernatural or sci-fi elements. Who is Kuchenko? A defecting KGB agent. Where is the bomb located in Kuchenko’s room? The telephone. How is it set off? (Only) when he receives an incoming call.

150). In “Stopover in a Quiet Town”, what is the name of the small, deserted town Bob and Millie can’t escape from? Centerville. What is the town? A giant enclosure where the couple are being keep as pets by a giant child.

151). Why was the episode “The Encounter” (co-starring George Takei) withdrawn from syndication? Because of its (WW2) racial and political overtones. What is Fenton’s prized possession? A samurai sword he obtained by killing a Japanese soldier in WW2 combat. What is the truth about Fenton’s prize? He obtained it by killing a Japanese soldier who had already surrendered.

152). In “Mr. Garrity and the Grave”, what is the name of the small Western town? Happiness. What is the name of the cemetery? Boot Hill. What plot twist is revealed about (charlatan) Garrity at the end of the episode? Unbeknownst to him, he actually can resurrect the dead.

153). In “The Brain Center at Whipple’s”, what is the machine number of the managerial brain machine? X109B14. What turn of events occurs at the end of the episode? Whipple himself is replaced by a machine in the same manner as he laid off his employees and replaced them with machines.

154). The episode “Come Wander with Me” features actress Bonnie Beecher as the love interest of Rock-A-Billy singer Floyd Burney. Beecher also played the love interest of what character in the Star Trek episode “Spectre of the Gun” (Hint: the episode is an alien recreation of the battle at the OK Corral)? Chekov.

155). In “The Fear”, what are the occupations of the two main characters trapped in the cabin? State trooper and fashion editor. What does the giant alien turn out to be? A 500 foot balloon. What is the true source of the mysterious occurrences? Two actual, thumb-sized aliens.

156). Which episode number is “The Bewitchin’ Pool”? Number 156, the final episode of the series. How do Sport and Jeb travel to the secret, hidden homestead? By swimming to the bottom of the family pool. Why do Sport and Jeb permanently return to the homestead? Their parents are getting a divorce, and they do not want to decide which single parent to live with.


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