Happy CANADA Day!

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Bonne Fête Canada!

Today is the 150th birthday of my beloved homeland.

I am VERY happy, proud, and EXTREMELY lucky to have been born in Canada, especially in the mid-20th century. I say lucky because none of us get to choose the circumstances of our birth, and thus I really won the Geographical Lottery of Existence.

To be Canadian is really special. We have built a worldwide reputation for being polite, funny, and commonsensical. Plus, you know that you are on the right path when about the worst thing anyone can say of Canada is that health care here is only nine-five per cent free of charge!

There is so much more I can and/or might say, but probably the best thing I could say is, let’s all continue to work hard to make the world a safe and clean place where we all can feel as good about our own homeland as I do about big, wide, clean, friendly, majestic, safe, fun, creative, welcoming Canada.


3 thoughts on “Happy CANADA Day!

    1. Moose are solitary, so a moose governor would stay in his office as much as possible and prefer to work on legislation rather than going on Twitter to mock Mika Brzezinski … and all the “politcal” damage a mal-adjusted beaver would cause as Texas Governor is some minor flooding at 1010 Colorado St. in Austin…

      1. We have air conditioning, so perhaps I should reconsider my stance on a moose governor. After all, we’ve had plenty of asses in office. Bring on the flooding! Someone tried to burn it down a few years ago. What’s next? Pestilence?

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