R.I.P: Chris Cornell (1964 – 2017)


what a horrible day… 

Chris Cornell, lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Soundgarden, has died, apparently by suicide (according to police) after a gig yesterday.  I LOVE Soundgarden. I love Chris’s voice. He had a voice like no other: a power and timbre that was completely unique in rock music. Soundgarden’s songs “Nothing To Say”, “By Crooked Steps”, and the thundering leviathan that is “Limo Wreck” are three of my favorite songs of all time. How could he be gone from Life – when he brought so much sonic fun and excitement to it – and raised the quality of life in his fans by doing so?

His family thinks it may have been in part due to an accidental overdose of Ativan, his anxiety medication. This makes sense, because Ativan is a powerful drug and some people have very strong, unpredictable reactions to it, as a friend of mine in Toronto discovered. A single pill (taken properly) made her so disoriented and faint that paramedics had to be called to help her recover. 

Either way, Chris was gifted, handsome, rich, famous, and highly respected by musicians from all genres: a musician’s musician, the kind of musician that makes you want to go out and make your own jazz, reggae, pop, metal, bluegrass, etc., as good as he made his own rock ‘n roll. 

What a massive loss to humanity and music; just f**king horrible that wonderful Chris, with his blazing hot banshee wail, is gone, his life concluded like an unfinished lyric…

Goodbye, Chris. You left waaayyyyyyyyy too soon… say Hi to Hendrix, Bowie, Maurice White, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, and all the others filling Heaven with music worth “eternity-ing” to…


3 thoughts on “R.I.P: Chris Cornell (1964 – 2017)

  1. Shit ain’t it. I was just listening to Superunknown yesterday while doing mortar work. Nearly fell off the scaffold stomping my feet. The epic guitar sound he achieved gives me goosebumps as well as that, as you say “banshee wail”.

    1. It fucking rips me up. Soundgarden was just flat out GREAT rock and roll. The songwriting, how they mic’ed Matt Cameron’s drums, Chris’s voice, no overdone stage lighting/effects, songs in shifting time signatures…you couldn’t ask for a more perfect modern rock band: somewhere between RUSH, Black Sabbath, and the blues of Buddy Guy with a dash of Led Zeppelin thrown in.

      It sickens me that Donald Trump runs the USA and Chris Cornell is gone. Wish it was the other way around…

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