I’m in Modern Drummer magazine?!!


I have just discovered that a (rather gorgeous) album I worked on back in the late 90s (Dean Baltesson’s INTO) was reviewed in Modern Drummer magazine in their January 1999 issue. So, even though I was the saxophone player on the recording, I have at least been listed or named in the most popular drumming magazine in the world, one that I would never EVER in a million years actually make it into… for my actual drumming!! I never thought I would ever be mentioned for doing anything in any magazine… and believe me, if I can end up being mentioned in Modern Drummer for saxophone playing, I might as well be mentioned in Architectural Review for tap dancing!! LOL!

Looks like God, the Universe, or the cosmic what/whomever has a sense of humour!



30 thoughts on “I’m in Modern Drummer magazine?!!

      1. just thrown in there among the reviews for new food processors, one of Okaji’s lines just to jolt housewives & collectors of kitchen appliances— “This triple blade, multi-function blender from Samsung is ideal for ‘gather and disperse and nothing I do salves my hunger’ cutting up even raw meat or root vegetable…”

            1. When you come to us at B.O.A. you know your financial future is in good hands. And with 2% or more interest on our GICs, you have more options than ever to make your money work for you. Bank of America… “I can almost hear the ghosts….”.

              Okaji Sensei is the new Marshall McLuhan!

            2. BTW: “we” didn’t stumble onto anything. This is your great idea, so 100% of the credit goes to you. You’re the literatus here… I’m more of a a guy who accidentally stumbled backwards into a salon meeting while frantically snogging with the Norwegian chambermaid….

            3. I am not currently aware of any past or present usage of copyrighted materials which may or may not be the intellectual property of various and sundry American poets who currently use or have used the nom de plume “Robert Okaji” or similar variants. Any and all similarities to such work are protected as “educational materials” or “commentary” under Article 5, Paragraph 6.5 of the international copyright legislation I imagined once while brushing my teeth in a hotel bathroom in Leeds (see: Schnee vs. The New Ellington, 2014).

            4. Leeds, oh sweet Leeds… your broad streets teeming with the phrenic and the bookish…. I nearly got my head smashed in by an academician who was so infatuated with solving Cartesian Dualism he behaved “like” he had just drank ten Newcastles chased by eleven shots of Spirytus!

              Good thing I didn’t run into the local Carnap reading group… I could have been thrashed!

            5. I must admit it gets a bad rep… but I have had have fun there. One one particular trip I spoke at a conference at the jazz college there, and yada yada yada ended up enjoying some rather unexpected inguinal frolics with an aspiring Cecilia Bartoli-looking operatic soprano from Barcelona.

            6. I will always be EXTREMELY grateful to England for Led Zeppelin, Monty Python, Peter Cook, and Stewart Lee. OK, and Duran Duran, I admit it!!

              I always seem to run into the best of your people, as typified by a feisty Englishwoman I’ll call “Edna”, a hilarious, brilliant, permanently cheerful and buxom cellist from Manchester who introduced herself to me at a house party in Takarazuka, Japan by simply querying me if I just so happened to “fancy a shag?” We dated for several months from that exact moment on. Best girlfriend ever. Bach and brown ale, all day and night…

              Of course England also produces a small but ultra-infuriating genre of condescending upperclassmen (usually from Bath), one of which I had the unfortunate “pleasure” of working with in New York I’ll call “Blake Ashton Smythe-Hampton the Third” whom I will hate permanently. There was not a single thing in all of New York state that qualified as food, art, music, entertainment, theater, poetry, or human civilization in this guy’s mind.

              To me England has been a series of great gigs, drinks, amazing cultural artifacts, and “Ednas”. Amaterasu O-mikami bless all you Brits… except Blake.

            7. O dear. Really. I do enjoy Blake’s Didactic works. He was a pioneer of form & tossing the rule book out the window. He was an exceptionally good person too. A real character. I wrote my dissertation on Blake & Milton.

            8. “The human mind cannot go beyond the gift of God, the Holy Ghost. To suppose that Art can go beyond the finest specimens of Art that are now in the world is not knowing what Art is. It is being blind to the gifts of the spirit”.

              Number 5 (A Descriptive Catalogue of Pictures: 1809).

              “A Last Judgment is necessary because fools flourish. Nations flourish under wise rulers and are depress under foolish rulers. It is the same with individuals as nations: works of art can only be produced in perfection where the man is either in affluence, or is above the care of it. Some people and not a few artists have asserted that (I) would not have done so well if he had been properly encouraged. Let those who think so reflect on the state of nations under poverty and their incapability of art”.

              A Vision of The Last Judgment (Catalogue: 1810)

              Anti-Enlightenment bullshit… but I still will reconsider my stance on Blake. I might still even have a copy/anthology of his work lying around somewhere. I’ll take a long swig on a bottle of Jim Beam and dig back into it.

            9. Get Foster DamonsA Blake Dictionary & his mythopoeia will open up to you & you may come to get his appeal. He says the body & soul cannot exist separately. If soul is mind he has the nail on the head there. Blake believes in contraries. However he’d assign them as ecistibg within everyman. I think you should re read as i fear ypu may have misunderstood him. Tread cautiously with Blake. He was trying to speak about inner man without psychology terms & so is easily misunderstood. His Poetic Genius is wildly misunderstood for example.

            10. I don’t think it is heated at all. I see it as more of a passionate, enjoyable debate over the age old dialectic of Apollonian thought (scientific, materialistic) and Dionysian thought (creativity, divine) through the lens of Isaac Newton , John Locke or Immanuel Kant (me) and William Blake (Daniel Paul).

              It is vigorous… but as for me, my blood pressure never rises over 120/80!

            11. Black belt in judo as well as black belt level aikido, kenjutsu, and iado training, and over 20 years of tai chi.

              Plus, I lived in the Middle East… I have high stress training of all sorts. Stress is good, it brings out the lion in the lamb, or the fish out of the lion costume.

      2. Surely my work would be appreciated in the finest septic system trade journals: “Your scent never lingers,” or perhaps “a tonic to the bitterness, a foil to the sweet.” Oh, there’s much money to be not made here!

        1. These days you can afford to miss a meeting or your child’s violin recital… but thankfully there is Benalaxidrone, the perfect once a day solution to cold and flu symptoms that will keep you doing what you want, when you want. So ask your doctor if weaving the wind into a song is right for you…

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