The Analects of Naneun (Pt. 5).


Here is Part Five of the English translation of the first few pages of my work The Analects of Naneun (ナヌンの論説: “nanun no ronsetsu”). For more information see Part One.

(Each analect is to be meditated upon for many hours and days, rather than read momentarily like poems. Thus I encourage you to read a single one and stop for at least a few minutes to contemplate it, and let it seep into your subconscious; let the kotodama arise within after your eyes have received it).


ikyōto; pagan
betraying the polite radius
creeping past the Dharma
outside the temple
there she is…

I think to speak
and say “poet!”
what vanity!
a fish speaking news
of the north wind
to a falcon…

a space
a while
so much in-between
when there is

un-nouned citizens
lost in pace
going on through
the national evening;
boats on
yesterday’s waves.

saké overflows
a soup of evening contents
sprayed through teeth
yoghurt zoo

to make the fresh
poem of the hototogisu
ride your white illusion backwards
and don’t borrow tofu
from an ox.

we knoweth not:
and the street is what is left,
so let’s fall over, and do what
the moon tells us.

my season of consciousness;
a foot-worrying path
tears of the long mile
so… decade, be my poem!
be the letter that makes ‘to exist’ easier
to pronounce.

©1999 ダニエル・シュネー

©2017 Daniel Schnee


11 thoughts on “The Analects of Naneun (Pt. 5).

  1. “un-nouned citizens” is a wonderful concept—if only, it would make expression more interesting when talking about others. “i was talking to that bloke who talks too much about cars & sort of whistles as he speaks— wears tracksuits & loafers, looks a bit like Bill Murray with bee up his nose, you know him, you played billiards together last Autumn…”

    thanks for the warning about not borrowing tofu from an ox, i am curious as to why though & i wander if, due to me cooking my tofu in sesame oil, they might be more likely to return my favor?

    again Daniel. these are a joy & were i not utterly knackered beyond the brain in my noodle, i’d have a great deal more to say, alas i am zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Daniel dreams of 나는’s mind being offered him on a platter— he stuffs into into his own with a cartoonish deftness.

    1. I am happy you are finding personal meaning in what I write. I consider it the highest compliment that you are entering into the analects like one imagines their own personality “into” abstract art.

      I am truly and deeply grateful that you are questing in and out of the analects and finding your own meaning to them!

      1. they’re brilliant. one thing: could you write the verses without the double spacing. if you don’t know how all you have to do is paste into ‘html’rather than ‘visual’— the option is in the top right corner of the content box. if you use that to paste into or even write in, you won’t automatically just a line when you go to a new poetic line. if this makes sense. i don’t know why it bothers me, but i think the aesthetic of the tightened verse looks more pleasing.

            1. They were originally meant to look how you like them to look anyway. So basically all that has happened here is that you have just made me a slightly less lazy blogger! It’s a win/win… it’s not being finicky if you are right! 🙂

            2. Interesting! I always drank Jinro. I am going to have to check out Halla next time I wander through good old Hanguk again. I would love to go back to Tongdo (a little town outside of Busan) and revisit Tongdo-sa, then come to Jeju. All my various and sundry people are currently setting up committees and sub-committees; outlining and preparing feasibility studies for a 2019 excursus to Jeju via Hong Kong.

            3. Sounds like the ball is rolling. I’m thrilled & honoured you’d go to such lengths to get out here. I hope i can live up to expectations. I will certainly do my best for all your efforts.

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