The Analects of Naneun (Pt. 3)


Part Three (of Six) of the English translation of the first few pages of my work The Analects of Naneun (ナヌンの論説: nanun no ronsetsu). For more information see Part One.

(Each analect is to be meditated upon for many hours and days, rather than read momentarily like poems. Thus I encourage you to read a single one and stop for at least a few minutes to contemplate it, and let it seep into your subconscious; let the kotodama arise within after your eyes have received it).


winter untouched by melody
yet autumn wind: the flute
what a strange word…

venus observa
two sumos charging;
the goose-tickling song
of a callipygian wife

I cry
a house with no furniture
dragging my windows around
who shatters?

oenjjok: to the left!
oreunjjok: to the right!
her plump bottom
pleased to meet you!

walk onstage
tonight: Kyoto
saxophone throwing Byzantine orchids

Peking cabbage
and lamb’s lettuce
little green hymns
of Amaterasu’s sun

throw out your books!
Who is Daniel Schnee?
“Literature is hard!”
I go back to bed

huddled in Zen
bones ordained as monks
Lying about wheat
to men without bread
Scorpions engulfing
the mother egg

clouds without noise
sullen grey wine
so beware the rain
of the red peach blossom

false Sun; her caging Dawn
mistress of the dreamless waves
beware, my love,
the falcon scriptures
hidden songs of
bone and rending.

chün-tzu: who is noble?
white jade melodies
netori; the tuning wind
we give this to your earth

©1999 ダニエル・シュネー

©2017 Daniel Schnee


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