The Analects of Naneun (Pt. 2).


Part Two of the English translation of the first few pages of my work The Analects of Naneun (ナヌンの論説: “nanun no ronsetsu”). For more information see Part One.

(Each analect is to be meditated upon for many hours and days, rather than read momentarily like poems. Thus I encourage you to read a single one and stop for at least a few minutes to contemplate it, and let it seep into your subconscious; let the kotodama arise within after your eyes have received it). 


vaisharadi: autumn bath
back in we go
her skin
so I can touch her.

noroyuki: left-behind snow
hayabusa: the falcon
ox and cow mooing together
I snuck into Koto’s house and
made off with all her damn peas!

Moses: having descended
the Word: dead sugar
Yud hay vav hay!
Oh, that fucking Calf!

prefer: not prefer                      
the white syllable
of consciousness
Seeking the iron horse
of the rigpa.

boats: night
the elusive squid
bored falcons waiting
for wind

henro: dusty pilgrim
I too wander
ducks huddling
in the winter river

black grass
towards the lilac mountains
her pearl farm stirs
I peek

My thoughts: without season
Cicadas in winter
I seek tea in the ocean
And whales on Mt. Gozaisho

English lesson: grammar?
“fish live near the Atlantic ocean.”
haiku accident
in Japanese high school.

Old stone: new stone
racing ahead asleep
rivers knoweth not
flow lacking doubt

our gathering
apostles of Noh
exploding into silence
bird-scaring boats!

©1998 ダニエル・シュネー

©2017 Daniel Schnee

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