Edmonton, Canada

Soundcheck @ The Yardbird Suite

Remembering Ornette


YardBird Suite (Edmonton)
Feb. 3rd, 2017
8:00 pm
Tickets: $24

Daniel Schnee: quartertone saxophone, nohkan flute, descant recorder, digital harmonizer, cowbells, woodblocks, güiro, glockenspiel, shakers, orchestral triangle, Vietnamese gong, splash & China cymbals, Zilbells, tambourine, afuche kabasa, shekere, and agogo bells.
Bob Tildesley: trumpet.
Pierre-Paul Bugeaud: double bass.
Gord Graber: drums.

Update: Feb. 4th/2017

Thanks to everyone that came out for the DSQ show on such a cold night last night! I didn’t expect so many! Pierre-Paul sounded amazing, Bob was his usual genius-self, and Gord played with such amazing control and taste. It was truly wonderful and humbling to pay tribute to my former teacher in front of such a great crowd and with such fantastic guys.  And to once again have the chance to romp through the superb Coleman tune Chronology with Gord (after 12 years apart!) was a real treat.

Thank you very very very very very very very much to all… I deeply appreciate it!




12 thoughts on “THE DANIEL SCHNEE QUARTET @ The Yardbird Suite

    1. I have never advertised my gigs on my blog, as I am against monetizing such things. But just this once, since I have had people always asking me when and where I am playing, I’ll do it once and once only. I prefer just working hard and building a fan base via word-of-mouth, and it has worked for 40 years. Practice your instrument and let it do your advertising for you was the ethos I grew up in. Why change now?

      …well, just this once!:)

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