The Daniel Schnee Quartet
Remembering Ornette


YardBird Suite (Edmonton)
Feb. 3rd, 2017
8:00 pm
Tickets: $24

Daniel Schnee: quartertone saxophone, nohkan flute, descant recorder, digital harmonizer, cowbells, woodblocks, güiro, glockenspiel, shakers, orchestral triangle, Vietnamese gong, splash & China cymbals, Zilbells, tambourine, afuche kabasa, shakere, and agogo bells.
Bob Tildesley: trumpet.
Pierre-Paul Bugeaud: double bass.
Gord Graber: drums.

Update: Feb. 4th/2017

Thanks to everyone that came out for the DSQ show last night. Pierre-Paul sounded amazing, Bob was his usual genius-self, and Gord played with such amazing control and taste, it all made me play at my best and feel great doing it. It was wonderful to pay tribute to my former teacher with these amazing men in front of a great crowd… at the best jazz club in North America, period! Thank you very very very very very very very much to all… I deeply appreciate it!



12 thoughts on “THE DANIEL SCHNEE QUARTET @ The Yardbird Suite

    1. I have never advertised my gigs on my blog, as I am against monetizing such things. But just this once, since I have had people always asking me when and where I am playing, I’ll do it once and once only. I prefer just working hard and building a fan base via word-of-mouth, and it has worked for 40 years. Practice your instrument and let it do your advertising for you was the ethos I grew up in. Why change now?

      …well, just this once!:)

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