HAPPY NEW YEAR: 2016 and 果敢!



As I mentioned in another post, every year, as I look back on the previous 12 months and the result(s) of my goal planning, I choose a new theme or word to summarize the overall essence of what I plan to do in the year to come. For this coming year, I have chosen the Japanese word kakan (果敢: かかん): to be bold, determined, and/or resolute. There is much I wish to create and achieve in 2016, so I will become a bold person (かかんな人).

What is boldness? That is up to each of us to decide. So I invite you to join me in making 2016 a Year of Boldness, a year of refusing to shy away from high adventure, and things that excite/scare you simultaneously. You know that thing that you have always wanted to do if it weren’t for your supposed lack of talent, youth, beauty, skill, charm, charisma, or confidence? Take what you have and be bold with it. 

Let the Kakan spirit infuse the next 365 days, and join me in opening the door of fear that stands in our way. Let your kakan-ness be the key to that door.

Here Comes 2016…  行こう!!



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