BusRatch & The Japanese Onkyou Movement (音響系)

Though Tokyo is considered the center of the innovative Japanese Noise/Texture (onkyou) scene in the late Nineties, Kyoto’s own BusRatch was making a significant contribution to Western Japan’s own onkyou scene at that time as well. Consisting of four turntablists using a variety of scratching, sampling, and recording techniques, BusRatch eventually released a limited independent recording of both their studio and live work at the turn of the century through the Parallax Record Store’s own label, PARAdisc.

This hard-to-find recording has been sitting in my collection since that time: a brilliant souvenir of my time spent in Japan working with various members of BusRatch under my own project moniker her vivienne strap. As a tribute to my friends from days past, I am posting my favourite track, Boil Dawn, for music fans who have not previously been able to hear the CD in its entirety or find even a single track from it (I am making zero money from it, and all copyright(s) rests with BusRatch exclusively).


Artist: BusRatch

Album: BusRatch (Paradisc, 2000)

Producer: BusRatch

Engineer: Kawai

Recording: Pon Studio (Kyoto), march 8th, 2000: track 2 – Dec. 23rd, 1999 Live at Kyoto University Seibukodo, track 8 – Feb. 17th, Live at Club Metro.

Editors: Tokiwa (1,10), Kawai (3, 7) Mo:ri (4, 9), Yamamoto (5).

Mastering: Yasunobu Satoh

Cover Design: Kawaiso


seven seconds for nothing (00:07)

deletape (06:34)

con (03:38)

sub slow (05:08)

goodwill leotard (04:56)

boil dawn (10:16)

mic (01:24)

madeleine (09:05)

cruel principle technique (03:58)

snack tape (03:46)

jersey beat (12:07)

Total Time: 60:59

BusRatch At Metro


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