Keiko Kitano 北野恵子


Japanese-Canadian choreographer Keiko Kitano is well known in Toronto as a top tier dancer and choreographer, having studied dance for years, been principle for Miyako Kato’s Dance Space, and founder of the Tokyo Dance Collective.

She is also well known amongst her friends and community, though, for her tireless charitable efforts. In 2011 alone, immediately after the terrible earthquake and Sendai tsunami, Keiko helped raise thousands of dollars for the relief effort through charity dance events and collaboration with fellow artists. Three particularly wonderful events that year were:



Her performance at for Gambaro JAPAN! Japanese Earthquake Relief Concert at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto).


Her workshop/demonstration at York University’s McLean Performance Studio to help promote the charity drive for Sendai.


One of her performances of APOPTOSIS for the Dai Don Den 3: Green Tea Japanese Dance Collective shows at the Winchester Street Theatre, in downtown Toronto as well.

As time goes by, let us not forget those still suffering from the after-effects of the Sendai Tragedy, and follow Keiko’s shining example of using one’s talent to uplift and help humanity.


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