Two Important Emerging International Artists: 西沢美雪と毛利桂.

Shinbun Onna


Two very gifted Japanese artists are finally being recognized internationally after years of hard, inspired work: Katsura Mouri and Miyuki Nishizawa. Katsura is a sound sculptor who works with random objects placed on her turntable, while Miyuki a.k.a. Shinbun Onna (“Newspaper Lady”) does improvised newspaper dress-making as performative art, and is the new leader of Shozo Shimamoto’s Artists Unidentified movement. I met and collaborated with them while living in Amagasaki, Japan, and I encourage you to look into their work. They are wonderfully creative, hard working, and generous friends, and are now getting some of the recognition they richly deserve.

Shinbun Onna

Shinbun Onna in performance.


Katsura Mouri checking cables before performing at Firefly Osaka. She was the turntablist for my group herviviennestrap, and I collaborated with her own group BusRatch on a few occasions.


Miyuki, myself, (unidentified), and our mentor Shozo Shimamoto at his gallery in Takarazuka after a performance/exhibit.


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