Monday Treat: “Venus As A Boy”.



Currently I am busy sorting through boxes, cleaning my various musical instruments, sorting sheet music, retuning my drums, vacuuming, doing laundry and the like; basically catching up on a backlog of domestic and artistic chores.

So while I am “away from yet nearby” the blog, here is another little musical treat for you all, a classic song from Icelandic pop superstar Bjork, “Venus As A Boy”.





Wednesday Treat: “Pense à moi”



Hello Again!

Since I am an ethnomusicologist, I thought I would put my skills to use and surprise you with a forgotten (?) gem from the 1960s, a fun little jazz tune (in the time signature of 5/4) called “Pense à moi” by my favorite French pop singer, France Gall. “If you are troubled, think of me, and you will be OK…”.